Welcome to allgood.market

We’re a fundraising platform that helps you and your members raise funds for your organization.

It’s a very simple concept.

allgood.market is a marketplace where users can post items they would like to sell and choose the charity or campaign that the proceeds of the sale will support.

How it works

The donor/seller creates a profile on allgood.market. They then post a new or used item that they’d like to donate for sale. They choose the charity or campaign that the proceeds of the sale will support.

Just like on other online marketplaces, buyers who are interested in purchasing the item will contact the seller directly through private messaging over our site. The buyer and the seller agree to make the exchange. Instead of exchanging cash though- the buyer will make the payment through allgood.market – either on our website or mobile app. The seller will be notified that the payment was received and 100% of the proceeds will be donated on their behalf to the charity or campaign they chose to support.

With the permission of the donor, we will provide you reporting of the donations made in support of your organization.

How you can fundrise on allgood.market

To register your charity or campaign with allgood.market – you are required to complete a registration form. We’ll review the form, and if you’re approved, we send you an agreement to sign.

Once we’ve gotten the paperwork our of the way, we’ll list your charity or organization as an option for donors to choose from when posting an item. Users of allgood.market will be able to see a “Charity/Cause Profile Page” and learn more about your organization. They will also be able to search for items based on the charity/campaign that is supported.

Do we have to be a Registered Charity to sign up with allgood.market?

No, you can be registered charity, a non-profit organization or really any group or individual looking to fundraise. Donors are free to choose where the proceeds of their sales go - to support a registered charity or other non-profit organizations or campaigns.

You can also sign up as a campaign or event. You can also run a campaign with allgood.market. A campaign is like an online event – like an online garage sale. You let us know the start and end date. And when the campaign is over, we take the name of your campaign event off our list.

What about Tax Receipts for donors?

If you can offer donors a tax receipt for their donation, you should indicate this in your application, and it will be highlighted on the “Charity/Cause Profile Page”. With the donor’s permission, we will forward you their relevant information so that you may send them a tax receipt.

The cost to participate in allgood.market

There is no cost to sign up with allgood.market. We do charge a 10% fundraising fee – only on the donations we have secured and sent to you. The full donation will be sent to your organization, and we will deduct the fundraising fee of 10% and provide you with a receipt for this expense. Example: Mary sells a couch on behalf of Smith Charity. The couch sells for $100 on allgood.market. allgood.market sends Smith Charity a report indicating the $100 donation, a paid in full invoice of $10 (from Smith Charity to allgood.market) and a cheque/payment of $90.

Partners in Marketing

The more you promote Allgood.market – the more items will be donated and sold – and more funds will be raised. You can promote your fundraising effort on allgood.market by spreading the word to your networks, members and supporters. We can provide you with marketing collateral that you can co- brand and use to help share the message and increase the donations made to your organization.

Sign up a Charity or Cause

Is this a Registered Charity in Canada?

Is this a non- profit Organization?

Is this a individual campaign?

Will you be offering a tax receipt for donations made to your organization? If yes is there a minimum donation amount?

Contact information

Is this an ongoing fundraising effort - or would you like to run a time limited event?