About Allgood

About us – how Allgood came to be

Hi, I’m Vesna – working mom, mompreneur and the original founder of Allgood.market.

The idea of Allgood.market is simple one – and came from the culmination of some everyday insights.

What if I my old couch could make a difference?
I have always believed in up-cycling and have given away lots of stuff over the years – old skates to my neighbor, the extra blender to a friend, the books I’ve read to passers-bys at the end of my driveway… But what if I could multiply the impact of my generosity? What if, in exchange for my generosity, I asked for a nominal donation for a cause I really support?

What if there was an easy way to do this online?
What if there was an easy way to connect people like me (who want to donate their stuff) to people who want to buy second-hand skates, blenders and books? An online marketplace that connected buyers to sellers, benefiting charities directly. No more drop boxes, stuff ending up in the landfill, borrowing trucks to deliver my furniture donations… Bringing the second-hand donation model into the digital age. A huge online charity garage sale – where the internet exponentially increases the reach of buyers and sellers. An online marketplace that handles the payment transaction - so the proceeds go directly to the charity.

What if I could fundraise by clearing out the toys in my basement?
What if we could make an impact in our community – without giving money? What if my kid’s hockey team could raise money just by selling their old equipment to other aspiring hockey players in town?

And so, the concept of Allgood started to formulate.

To bring second-hand donations into the online era – I joined forces with two of the greatest software developers and visionaries I know – Andrej and Vladimir.

We’re pretty proud of the platform we’ve built and excited to share it with you. But the real power of Allgood.market – well it’s all of us. Allgood is a marketplace - but we are the community. We’re the neighbors and the friends and the teammates that want to give our skates, blenders and books a second life, and make a difference at the same time.

Cheers to all that’s good,

Vesna, Andrej and Vladimir